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    Yes, and I had listeria from the brie while pregnant! Yes, stupid me eating soft cheese. It was a real brain fart while traveling. I was about 12 weeks at the time, was mildly sick for about 3 days and my baby was born perfectly healthy. So, even though it anecdotal, even on the very slim chance you develop listeria it is also then a very slim chance that your baby will be affected. If it's really worrying you I would go ahead with the testing and that will help you put it behind you, or tackle any possible complications.

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    Thanks everyone for your posts. BornToBe, wow! That's scary, I really feel for you and what you would have gone through during that pregnancy. I'm so glad for you that your baby is perfectly healthy.

    I called my ob's office back again this morning. All the vomiting has stopped, and no temp but I am still aching all over, in particular backache and headache. I've slept for hours each afternoon since this started. He is still away but thankfully the receptionist had another ob call me back (I may have been a touch pushy!).

    He said he'd never seen a proven case of listeria in his whole career. That if it were listeria I would have diarrhoea. He asked what I'd eaten and I said mainly unwashed salads and feta etc, but no uncooked meat or raw seafood. He said the germs you pick up from unwashed salad are what causes gastro or salmonella, not listeria. So they'll make me sick but baby will be fine.
    A lot of gastro/viruses are going around at the moment and he is seeing about one woman a day with these symptoms (I'm in Sydney).
    He advised if I start having diarrhoea or my temp spikes again to have some stool samples and blood cultures done.

    I guess I feel reassured... Well, I do. I suppose it's just hard not to worry but I'll do my best. I'm happy to have spoken with an expert rather than waste my time with a GP who may have just fobbed me off anyway.

    Thanks again for all your comments ladies!

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    First of all, that sounds like basic gastro. That's what it's most likely to be.

    However, I'm like you, I would want to be tested. The test is done through a blood culture. You can get it done at a pathology place. It's like a weird blood test where they take your blood then mix it into a solution. You then wait a few days to see if anything grows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mod-Degrassi View Post
    It's about the bacteria - soft cheeses like brie are more prone to bacteria growth.

    There was a listeria outbreak in Australia a few years ago traced back to a particular brand of Brie.

    OP, I would head off to the GP to express your concerns and see if they think further testing is warranted. Listeria is considered pretty rare, so chances are it's some unrelated virus.
    Thanks I do realise that but the OP specifically said she wasn't sure if the cheese was pasteurised or not so I was just clarifying.


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