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    Default sperm donor (please be nice)

    Hi I am new here so please be nice!

    I am looking to conceive a child through natural insemination from a donor. I have found a suitable donor, he is willing to provide medical records, seems nice, is good looking (a plus) well educated and has donated before. I'm looking for some friendly women who have done this before to talk to about their experience as I am somewhat nervous and have NOONE else I can talk to so am kind of desperate!

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    Hello! Congratulations on choosing a donor! I'm not sure what help I can be because DP and I are using an anonymous donor at a clinic but here's a couple of things that I've thought of that might help.

    - figure out what kind of parenting relationship (if any) you want with the donor. Make sure that it has been clearly outlined and that you both know what the future plan is.

    - contact a lawyer and see what paperwork would be required for you to have full parental rights after the baby is born (if that's what you want)

    - be diligent in document anything your solicitor asks you too.

    - make sure that your donor has all relevant testing done to make sure that he has good sperm and no diseases that could be passed on to you.

    - make sure that you have all of your testing done. Blood work is good to have done and perhaps invest in some ovulation kits so you know when to do the insemination.

    - do you have partner? If not then I would maybe suggest having someone in the house with you whilst he is there depositing his goods. I know it sounds bad but you just don't know what people's agenda might be.

    Hope things go well for you!

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    Some great advice from Tortoise there.

    I've been a sperm donor several times so I can share my own experiences, if that helps. The key thing is that you trust your donor and feel safe, but make sure you put in place protections for yourself as described by Tortoise above.

    I see you are in WA - I'm in Brisbane, but can give you some further advice if you like. Text me on 0417731100 or email me at brizzydonor@hotmail.com and we can chat offline.


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