Hi all,

Im still working out this useful site so apologies if I've posted the same thing twice. I don't think I directed the last one to the "Gosford specific" group - who are our soon to be neighbors. We did get some very helpful input form "ocdgeorge" but wanted to also throw it out to all you locals....so, here we go:

We are currently in France (wife's academic work) but previously living on the Northern Beaches. She has a new job at Macquarie University and we will be looking to move to the Central Coast - priced out of Sydney, like many, but now also with a family so looking for somewhere not as crazy to settle down. We'll be moving in September with 3 yo & one yet to arrive....so could be interesting.

I've seen quite a few threads online about people inquiring with similar circumstances of relocating to the CC. I have read often that there is some great streets and some not so great streets….but also that things are changing. I've also read that the Central Coast is still on the up (generally).

Preliminary research is indicating around East Gosford (general geographical area) would be good balance of access to the train (for wife to get to work at Macquarie uni) and access to beaches. We are looking at around 500K (quite manageable) - 600K (absolute max.), ideally 4 bed, 2 bath.

Of course, we'd be looking to get among the social fabric with other families.

Just wondering if any of you Mums/Dads had any thoughts about where to consider and/or your experience if you have made the move into the CC.

Many thanks in advance!