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I'm worried about the attachment to clothes, the anxiety etc. he's the same as a PP child who has trouble going to sleep to the point he prefers to sleep with my husband or myself.
Last year his anxiety was bad enough he didn't like going places but we didn't let it stop us and most times he was fine once we got there.
We were seeing a psych and since October she kept teaching me a breathing technique to do with him each night. Each night was a battle and he flat out refused. So a few sessions later she's now telling me it's bad parenting (not those words exactly) and wants to work on parenting skills.
I'll add my girls don't have those behaviours and I parent them the same way
I really feel in my ds's case the anxiety and sleep issues are related. For this reason I find it hard to be too tough with him at night times and he almost always winds up cosleeping with dh or I. Still, getting to sleep is hard. He loves reading and we let him read for an hr or more every night before lights out as I think it helps him to wind down.

I'll be interested to hear what the psych we go to has to say about his anxiety. I have never been an anxious person so its not something I have personal experience with. Dh has an anxiety disorder, however.