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    Default Referees for SAHM (also a freelancer) if wanting to return to full time work force

    I've been a SAHM for 3 years and a freelancer for a year (i've been getting ongoing tasks from the same client). I've been actively searching for a part time permanent job (or even full time, my current freelance gig lets me work flexible hours!) that I can do outside of my freelance commitment and have saved a bunch of job links and look forward to getting my resumes out to them. But one thing i've been missing is some list of referees, not that I've to write their names down right now, but I will always need to have them right? I have not worked in a corporate environment for three years, I assume it is still compulsory for recruiters to check references?

    I left my full time job exactly 3 years ago and I am still in touch with my ex-boss, but the thing is he's the managing director of that company and a very busy person (I used to report directly to him) and I'm too afraid to ask him to spare a couple of minutes in case someone wants to have a referee chat and I can't think of anyone else who'd be suitable to be my referee. My last full time job was a stand alone role and I basically didn't share any work with any colleagues, all I needed to do was simply do my job and report everything back to my MD. So I don't have any ex-colleagues from that company that could explain how I performed at work, etc, except my own boss.

    Secondly, I am currently working from home as an ongoing freelancer for a non-Aussie based organisation (it's a global NGO). As much as the job itself sounds really good, but I earn very little $$ hence moving on to full time job now as I have my own financial goals. I've only been reporting to one manager so far and does not share work with anyone else, I've basically been a supporting administrator for the manager. Since this manager is not based in Australia, I wonder if it's convenient to have him as my referee. Surely he sounds like he'd be the best one, but it'd be a disadvantage for me to have him as my referee as he'll find out I'm leaving him or even if I say I'd still like to stay i'd doubt he'd keep me as chances are i'd be spending more time with my new commitment hence he'd probably let me go.

    I know I'm so stupid for asking this, but what are the chances for recruiters not asking for references check upon offering a job offer?
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    You should always contact your referees and ask if they are happy to be put down as one. The MD at your last full time job will most likely be very happy to give a phone reference (many companies no longer do written references for legal reasons) but email first and explain your situation. I have been contacted to give references for people I employed years ago (especially when they don't want their current employer knowing they are job hunting).

    Your current "boss" you can either put a note on your employment history section saying "please do not contact due to confidentiality" or again ask if they will provide a reference. The latter gives you the chance to explain that you are looking for part time work to compliment the freelance work you do for them.

    Also, list some quality "personal" referees. People who sound professional on the phone and who will speak highly of your job relevant skills (organised, reliable, trustworthy, handles pressure etc).


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