Hi everyone! I'm a regular reader of bubhub forums but have never posted before.

I had a MMC on feb 10th at 14 weeks (but bub stopped growing after 8 weeks) following misoprostol. Bled for 10 days followed by 2 weeks of spotting on/off which finished up on the 5th of March. We were undecided about TTC again but recently went on holidays and BD on 6th & 8th unprotected. About 10-14 days later developed nausea and swollen tender breasts. They are still slightly larger and feel more lumpy although nausea has settled. I tested on 20th, 23rd & 26th of this month- all BFNs! and yesterday night started having cramps + pink/bright red streaked CM. This is still going today although cramps have settled. Definitely is too light to be AF. I have never had spotting before AF before so unsure what to make of this.

I guess I'm holding onto the faint glimmer of hope that I could be pregnant. Did anyone else experience spotting after a miscarriage about the time you would expect AF? Did you get a BFP or was it just you're period coming on differently after m/c? And has anyone had swollen breasts 2 weeks after m/c without being pregnant? I never usually get this before AF and only got it when I was pregnant with DD. Am a bit discouraged by the BFN 18 days after last unprotected sex. Should there be enough hormone in my system by now to show up? Would love to hear your stories and hear any advice you have. Thanks in advance!