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    I weaned DD at around 18 months. I was pregnant with DS and wanted a bit of a break before starting BF all over again!

    DD was a voracious sucker and was using me as a dummy seemingly all day long so while away for a few days I would get DH to take her away from me and distract her every time she grizzled for some boob. She was about 16 months at the time. After about 2-3 days she didn't look to BF during the day. I would feed her first thing in the morning, between bath and bed at night and then if she woke during the night. As we got closer to 18 months I would sneak off to have a shower while DH read her books before bed. Then he would put her to bed without her having a feed and it was no problem. Out of sight, out of mind!

    We basically went by the don't offer, don't refuse with a touch of making myself scarce at critical times and it didn't take long, nor did it seem to induce any angst to wean her.

    Still feeding DS at 14 months... Not sure when I will wean him but he is a pretty laid back character so fingers crossed there will be no dramas once the time comes

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    Both over 3 years here. First Ds needing some nudging to get him down to one Feed a day and then about 6 months later he self weaned (3.5) DD self weaned from her bedtime feeds at about 3.3 months old


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