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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonja View Post
    And just to clarify when I say I'm not really worried about dirty old men of course I am. It's just not where my mind immediately goes.
    I'm the same.

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    Default Social media and teens

    Dirty old men isn't where my mind immediately goes either, but of course it's a concern.
    As a mum of a young girl starting to use sm, there is so much more to it, the social aspect at school, these pics can make or break a kid, then there is the whole self esteem and body image issues.
    These things may all seem trivial compared to the real dangers of the Internet, but they are the biggest issues to these kids. It's such a wide range of issues, and it really is very difficult to navigate your way through all issues, I think it's one of those times where it's not a one solution fits all but very individual depending on the child.

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    This is not a helpful post from me, just a bit of a vent of my own. I do absolutely sympathise - it can be gut wrenching worrying about teens and social media. I honestly wish it did not exist. Life is difficult enough without facebook, snapchat, instagram and all the others. The further difficulty is, once you have given the green light to participate in all these things, it's very difficult to maintain control. Of course there will be some kids who navigate it fairly sensibly, others not so much. It can seriously rule their lives. Nothing is organised face to face, it's all online and they are actually creating a brand for themselves, so to speak - I think it's outrageous that they can have thousands of facebook friends, yet really only have a handful of people they hang around with (my boys don't but they have "friends" who do). Girls are posting images of themselves fit for pornographic sites (I'm NOT saying the op's daughter did this) and it's quite worrying. I have seen girls that my boys went to primary school with post pictures of themselves, and I can barely recognise who they are! I feel embarrassed for them and sad and worried that this is what the world for teenagers has become.

    I'm sorry, I have no answers, apart from maybe going off grid and living in the middle of nowhere ? Most of us can't/won't do that, so we just have to care and make sure our kids know we care, and be as strong a leader as we can be (and maybe spend less time online ourselves). I know I'm guitly of spending far too much time scrolling through facebook. It's a trap, that's for sure. May be why it's called the "world wide web". Once you're in, it's hard to get out.


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