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    Default Inner ear issues

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone has something that they've found helps. I had grommets as a child & was fine up until about 4 years ago. Every time I get a cold it turns into a sinus infection because my Eustachian tubes don't drain properly, causing build up and consequently a sinus infection. I have ABs but that clears the infection until next time I get sick. I've been referred to the ENT in the past who has prescribed nasal spray & basically said I can get grommets again but they aren't a permanent solution.. I am considering it all the same. Currently I can't put my head underwater without being blocked up for days and even weeks afterwards. It's a massive pain.

    Just hoping someone else has found something that helps drain their sinuses faster? I'm getting married in 2 weeks and I feel so hazy and foggy when this happens :-(

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    My daughter has had massive problems with her Eustachian tubes - she's onto her 4th lot of grommets. It was an absolute nightmare for awhile because grommets only last for around 6-12 months. After the 3rd lot fell out, the ENT decided to put in these new more permanent grommets, they are designed to last 5 years. They have been brilliant and my daughter's health has improved immensely. If you do decide to go the surgery option, maybe enquire about these? A 10 minute operation for 5 years might be worth it.

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