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    Oh good thinking! It's nice to have people at work to chat to also especially since you have not long started there have you? It makes it easier just knowing that they understand if you have a hormonal moment or something.

    Yes I was thinking she was just behind you but yeah doing a freshie also as long as they get good fertilization but I so hope so because it would be so hard if either one of us doesn't have any luck. But who knows she might have better luck than me lol.

    Yep back to work today after last week and yesterday off so definitely getting back into the routine and trying to stay busy and not google! I don't really watch any series, I watch a bit of tele after I cook dinner then DH usually plays playstation while I read the forums or play games on my phone. Sad hey?? Lol.

    What about you? Will you have something to keep you occupied during your 2ww?

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    Yeah I've only been there six weeks or so! Makes it very awkward to be asking for time off for secret business ha. I'm worried they think I have some serious medical issues or something. Oh well, throw 'em off the scent for now haha!

    I guess that's the hard part about cycling so close together with your friend. Especially if you have different outcomes.. as much as you would love and support one another, it would be really difficult for you to cope if you had the less favorable outcome.. more so because you'll be so mentally and physically exhausted by the process. That is, as much as you're a mature rational person, those hormones might have their own ideas! Having said that, you might both get to experience your little miracles at the same time which would be amazingly special!!!

    Aww so lucky you got so much time off! The distraction of being back at work will definitely be nice for you. Haha no, not sad! I'm hopelessly addicted to these forums now that I have updates to post. I don't watch all that much telly either but I do love getting hooked on a good series. I feel like I don't have all that much spare time between work, dh, step kids, friends and fam so I'm sure I'll find ways to entertain myself during that time!!


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