Dear potential baby Mumma!

My partner and I are a loving committed same sex (MM) couple, looking to start a family.

We have been looking for a surrogate mother for about 6 months with no luck as all of our friends are in their early 20's without children of their own yet.

We are looking to meet somebody to help us start a family of our own through the gift of life.

A bit about us...

We are currently renting, seeking our own home and have both got stable incomes. I can assure you we are calm, peace loving people and as a bonus, in touch with nature. (Consider us 21st century hippies)

My partner is a casual bottle shop attendant that will be home during the week to care for a child, I am a young, energetic person with experience in caring for my younger brother from birth. I am employed part-time as a nurse and will be home on weekends to care for a child.

Please email on: if you would like to meet to discuss the options of a surrogate pregnancy and help my family grow!

Tom & Corey