Hi, just after some wisdom from experienced mums who have used a babysitter.
What questions did you ask? What do you expect them to do and how much do you pay?

Weve got four children (7,5,3 yrs and 5months), we've got zero help from family etc and quite honestly I am burnt out from a non sleeping baby and feel like my marriage is suffering as we never have any time to even just talk since the baby arrived. my other children have all slept well so we've had time of an evening together but now we have nothing and it's getting depressing. I was thinking of getting a regular one afternoon a week spot from like 3.30-6.30 and having an afternoon 'off' from dinner, homework etc and occasionally getting a weekend slot for us to go to lunch together. I couldn't do evenings as that's bub's worst time and I'd never relax worrying about him but he's awake all afternoon and quite happy and easily entertained. Does that sound like a workable plan? Thanks