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    It is easy to see where these things stem from. When my nan was battling cancer 20+ years ago she was getting vitC injections based on the theory that the treatment she was having (chemo etc) was depleting her stores + no appetite/vomiting so replacing them through injections is necessary. She said she felt better after them too.

    Sadly she lost her battle with cancer. However, say she surived and someone who didn't have vitC passed away then people start to take 1 +1 and getting 5. I'm sure there are benefits to many complimentary treatments when going through cancer treatment but to then make the jump of turning them into a treatment in and of themselves is clear quackery.

    FYI there is a whole "block Avocado Wolfe" movement set up by a bunch of scientists calling BS. Hopefully this movement grows!

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    These people are dangerous and should be held accountable for promoting their 'products' that have not a shred of scientific proof, to the most vulnerable and desperate of people. For example, David Wolfe's statement "cashews are a natural anti-depressant -2 handfuls of cashews is the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of prozac" is downright dangerous. Prozac is a prescription medication used for depression, anxiety and OCD. The underlying message in Wolfe's statement is you don't need to take the prozac, just eat 2 handfuls of cashews instead. That is downright dangerous.

    Food Babe is another charlatan who should be held accountable. She lacks basic scientific knowledge and has repeatedly been shown to be a fraud.

    They are just 2 of the high profiles that are part of the anti-science/intellectualism trend.

    There is nothing "alternative" about advocating the eating of fresh fruit, vegetables and wholefoods to be healthy. That advice could not be more mainstream. To paraphrase Tim Minchin, you know what alternative medicine is called that's been scientifically proven to be effective? Medicine.

    The only product that's readily available that we should worry about is that scary di-hydrogen monoxide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lileitak View Post
    Anyone dumb enough to follow this is a perfect example of evolution. Survival of the fittest.

    What ****es me off is when parents harm their kids. Like that poor kid in Canada who died of meningitis while his parents fed him maple syrup.
    Be angry and save your disdain for the low lives profiting off seriously ill people. The sick would do anything to feel normal and have a future. Which is why they turn to these people for help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinklify View Post
    Also, that story about the maple syrup does have another side that you may want to read up on. Seeming as the other side of the story was taking the child to a medical professional many times with no diagnosis.
    I'd like to see that if you have the link...

    My understanding is that they are a family who sell "natural" supplements, one of the parents inherited from their family, and they did nothing. This is despite a family friend who is a nurse telling them he has the signs of meningitis. They are also raising funds to defend themselves.

    I truly hope they are prosecuted. It makes me sick.


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