Hey! We are currently TTC #3. I have just come off the pill after being on it for a little over 3 months in the lead up to and during our overseas holiday. I was hesitant to go on it as it really messed with my body when we started TTC our first. I only had 4 cycles over 8 months before getting pregnant. Hoping that just the short amount of time I was on it this time means it won't have messed me up (wishful thinking??). I have PCOS and also Graves' disease. My second pregnancy wasn't planned but very much wanted, so no TTC history there.

So we have decided to take a relaxed approach at the moment. No charting or tracking but just going with the flow. I'm just a bit concerned as I've had some mid cycle spotting which I haven't experienced before. The few days after AF finished I had some light spotting, then about a week after that and then again today. Could this be an issue? Will it effect getting pregnant?