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    Default 17 days late 4 negative home tests !!!.

    Hi I don't know if anyone can help or offer any advice, my period is 17 days late my last period was 2/2/16 then I missed one due on the 1/3/16 I have took 4 hpt and they have all been negative, I'm due another period on 22/3/16 and I really don't know if it will come, I have been going to the loo a little more often, I don't have sore/tender breasts but I have been feeling a bit sick, I also have a mild cramping in my stomach like cramp but not as sore just doesn't feel rite, we are trying for a baby so every negative test is more stress !!, iv never missed a period before so my hopes are high I'm so anxious !!!! I phoned my doctor and he said try next week !! Anyone who can help please !!! Thanks xxx

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    Can you book in for a blood test? At least that way it'll be a definitive answer and you can get back to TTC or celebrate!


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