@amiracle4me we have had an up & down journey with my 8 month old's sleep too (made a lot easier by the fact he is an amazingly hilarious fun baby hehe) but there have been a couple of times that I have gotten angry with him. I always feel so terrible afterwards so I completely get that horrible feeling. I try to be compassionate towards myself and tell myself that we all have limits. My dad was a bit aggressive (not violent) when we were little so I think all that family stuff plays a role in how we respond to frustration. Plus sleep deprivation is a killer!!

He's sleeping heaps better now after a day stay at sleep school, self settles like a champ and only wakes 0-2 times a night. But he has woken at 5am a few times this week, it must be the week or it! I managed to keep him up to just before normal nap times so we were back on schedule.

Hope your little babe has a good sleep tonight and no early wakings!! xx