I used to think that EWCM meant you were ovulating right then, but I recently read some info that said ewcm happens 1-2 days before O cause of the surge of estrogen ? Is that right ?

Can someone help me work out my dates from this info please

ewcm 2nd march. ( so would O be on the 4th ? )
DTD - 5th march.

today is the 15th would that put me as 11dpo or do I count from the 2nd march when I had the ewcm?

I haven't been tracking my cycle this month, wasn't until I was looking when next Af should be due and realised I dtd around O time I think.

done hpt 13th march at night bfn
Done one 14th in the morning and I think there may a really really light bfp but could be my eyes playing tricks on me.

15th March FMU - looks negative.