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If they don't come to the party, you can always breach them for the cat and break the lease. I'd almost be tempted to say in the letter "we also understand that you have an animal reading at the residence which is out of the terms of your lease. We are willing to let this slide on this occasion instead of issuing a breach notice as animals were excluded under the terms of your lease."

I agree it doesn't sound like your PM is that great. I used to be one many moons ago pre kids and I would have hoped no owner of mine would be going onto a forum to find out info that I should know!!! That's what you pay them for. So you don't have to deal with this stuff. I'd be moving agencies, or asking for a more senior PM to be handling your property going forward.

There is a scheduled rental inspection due in 2 weeks time, they received notice yesterday.

I said to hubby that I'm almost tempted to stalk the property on that particular day to see whether they take the cat out of the house on that particular day! Sitting in the car like a secret spy just watching for any animal movements!

And yep, I'm also going to ask that the PM's manager get involved now. It's a big, well-known agency in our area, surely they have some experience with this type of stuff.