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Oh Lordy your Friday's sound horrid!! How old are your kids? I guess I wouldn't mind it so much if didn't have to drag everyone with us! We've nothing on Friday which is one really good thing 😀
13, 10 and 8. The 13yo only does 2 activities- Scouts and taekwondo- as he needs to fit in studying. Plus it's personalities as well, he is quite unmotivated, whereas the 8yo is my little go-getter and does dancing, Cubs, taekwondo, and soccer, and in school he does chess, dance group and wants to do choir and SRC and is already planning his instrument choice for band next year!
10yo is somewhere inbetween, but she focuses on dancing, doing 5 classes a week. Plus band twice a week.
So yeah, busy. But fun. They love it. I love it, I love seeing their confidence when they learn a new skill, and I love to see them busy and keeping healthy. During school hols they get very lazy without having activities on.
Plus I do admit I'm probably overcompensating for my childhood when my mum couldn't afford a single after school activity, and I hated it and felt so left out.