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    Default Toilet training not going so well

    I am after some insight from you lovely ladies. My ds1 who is 3 months shy of turning 3 is having trouble with using the toilet for poos. He is perfect with wees, and loves using the loo for that, rarely has an accident. He goes to Childcare 4 days a week and does his wees well there too.

    However, he has been holding his poos lately, especially at Childcare. At home he either poos in his pants or holds it until he has a nappy on. This is causing him constipation everyday and he cries that his bum hurts. He also doesn't eat well, maybe because of constipation and everything is a big struggle and I don't know to be supportive to him or lose it at him.

    It's been a week that we have had him at Childcare without a nappy and every single day he has cried at drop off and has been reluctant to go to Childcare to the point that it's getting really stressful in the mornings.

    He has also started waking up at night and crying. Sometimes he tells us that his bum hurts, sometimes he just cries and doesn't tell us why! Last night we barely got much sleep as he was at his worse. I have been giving him a little bit of prune juice everyday to help and ds1 doesn't eat a lot of fruits, but thats another issue.

    Ds1 doesn't handle change well at all and has been so whingy the last week because of this. He always freaks out whenever there is a change and I guess that his is a major change to him! This kid is seriously attached to his nappy.

    So, do I persevere and hope that he gets used to the new arrangement? Or do I abandon this for now? Your opinions would be much appreciated!

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    Are you still having issues with your child?


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