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    Default 9 week old will not sleep during the day.

    Ok so bub was diagnosed with relux at about 5 weeks. And has been on losec since. Hes now 9 weeks. His night sleep is getting much better but he will literally not sleep during the day. This is my second baby and went to sleep school with my first so i know alp the sleep cues ect... but it doesnt matter what you do he wont sleep more than 2 hours in TOTAL during the day! Even if your holding him he still wakes after half an hour. Anyone had any experience with this?? Im going crazy because i know hes so tired he just will not sleep. Help!

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    All my kids were/are catnappers till 6/7mths. So not much help for you.

    You might need more losec?

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    My DS catnapped from around 3.5 months to just under 5 months, and sometimes I made him have FIVE naps because he would only do 40 minutes each time. He would not be resettled even with boob, so I just decided he would have to have more naps to stop him getting overtired. It actually worked, it was a bit draining at times fighting him for that many naps but it was worth it (plus I got little breaks throughout the day ). Some days, we went for a drive just to make him sleep (bit harder if you have another child). At just under five months, I started picking him up and holding him through the sleep cycle transition (thanks to No Cry Sleep Solution) and then putting him back down, which worked well. He then started having longer naps on his own, and if he woke up I would resettle him with rocking or breastfeeding. Now, at 7.5 months we are on a much stricter routine with self-settling so I wouldn't resettle with the boob, but I'm still glad I tried all the gentler methods first. Not sure if any of those tips are at all useful.... with these sleep fighters you have to get creative!!

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