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    I don't see how it would work but you've nothing to lose. Def utilise the LC service at the hospital and see if your local Child Health clinic has one (I saw mine for free twice). With the help of a pump and good LC advice I finally got through those firat 6 weeks an made it to 7 or 8 months until dd started losing weight.

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    Hi there, I've only had one bub which is my 8 month old daughter. She was born a month premature and really struggled to breastfeed early on and I was clueless. After a few days she had bruised/grazed my nipples so bad it was excruciating and I was tensing up so bad at every feeding attempt in tears. I used the rite aid hydrogel breast discs which were amazing in healing the grazes. Literally within an hour of putting the disc on it felt better and the little sores were much improved within a day. I've heard you can put them in the fridge too for extra cool relief.
    I had been using lansinoh abundantly but my lactation consultant said to use it sparingly if at all. She said it can provide a sticky moist breeding ground for thrush. I stopped using it and have not used it since with no issue.
    As my DD did so much damage in the first week and we were really struggling with feeding with her tiny mouth/prematurity a midwife in hospital suggested using a nipple shield. It turned things around to make it much easier for DD to feed so no more screaming in frustration from her and no pain for me and without that we wouldn't have been able to continue. 8 months on she's still exclusively breastfed, massive and still feeding with a nipple shield. I've tried all brands medela are my favourite in medium size.
    I'd have some hydrogel discs on hand and some nipple shields just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPopsicle View Post
    It's all about the latch and attachment to be honest. Knowing what's right and whats wrong and having a great LC on hand and also getting bub assessed and treated early for lip ties or tongue ties. Have you got access to a good LC?
    Totally agree with this!
    Depending on where you give birth, there might be/should be LCs working in the maternity ward who can help you post birth. The midwives should be able to help at least.
    Hiring a private LC is great, but can be expensive. ABA also run regular meetings with trained breastfeeding counsellors (so not quite IBCLCs, but they're pretty knowledgeable), I think the official rule is that you can attend a couple of meetings without an ABA membership. So that could be a good starting point to just chat to someone before your bub is born and get some more advice.


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