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    Default I may have just had the most romantic moment with my DH

    Its been a long running problem in our house that I cant make Anzac cookies. Ive tried so many recipes and NEVER ben able to make them. They always turn out too dry and taste like cr@p DH loves them and he thinks its so funny that I cant make them.

    Anyway, today I tried to make them (again) and failed AGAIN.
    DH takes over and is all 'This is how its done'.
    His cookies were way too runny and turned out like candy. Enter the best decision we've ever had...lets mix the two mixtures together and see what happens.

    The result...The perfect cookie.

    So soppy and romantic! Never before have I been so excited about Anzac cookies.

    Ive always known we are right for each other but who would have thought we were SOOO right.

    The funny thing is, I haven't been feeling the love as much between us lately. Just what I needed! Funny how the universe just knows!!

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    Well that's a bit cute!

    DH & I have our takeaway night on Fridays, and for the past few weeks I've had in my head what I've wanted to get (something different every week) and he's gone and suggested it, like he's reading my mind!
    He says it's because we've been together nearly 10 years and he 'always knows' what I want. Haha ☺️

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