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    Quote Originally Posted by XmasDayBub View Post
    Agree with pp, I still have to hold her down and make sure the mask doesn't come away from her face.. Pin her arms and head.
    And as horrible as it is, if they cry at least they are deeply breathing it in, just count how many breaths during the crying (ours is 6 breaths to one puff) they usually stop crying once it's all done so don't let it upset you too much.. Better than struggling with it for longer than you have to and atleast they get the full dose. Just give a cuddle after and let him/her play with it. Good luck it sucks but it has to be done and atleast you know it's been done properly xx
    This is my theory too. Use it for brushing teeth as well.

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    My older child (5yo) has been administering her own ventolin & flixotide puffers (with my supervision) for around 2 years now. The youngest has been having ventolin since 6 months, & at 14 months its still a struggle. Whenever she is fighting it, I sit her facing forward on my lap, & hold her chin in one hand, pushing her head firmly enough against my chest so she cant wriggle. With the other hand, I hold the spacer/ face mask over her face, & push it wih my thumb so I can hold her face still. She screams, but still takes breaths in so I know thr medicine is getting it. It might sound cruel,but it is neccesary - she HAS to breathe, & we've had some terrifying asthma attacks,so a bit of a struggle is the least of my problems. In the meantime, I allow plenty of play time with an empty ventolin & the spacer & face mask, & we practice giving it to mummy, teddy, doll,etc.


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