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    Default autism- major struggles at school

    Hi ladies

    Not sure if this is the right place to post.

    My ds is 7. He has asd diagnosed at age 5
    Hes having speech therapy, physio, ot and psychology...

    In reception (prep) his grades were all the worst marks you could get...he hated school and i couldnt get him to do any reading or homework... year 1 he had a great teacher who had a wonderful approach to him and he loved school... his grades seemed to have improved and everything was looking up...

    Yesterday i noticed that when he was trying to count the people in our family he simply couldnt... he had no idea.. so today i spoke with his teach (the principal has told me she had a tough approach when i had a meeting with him a few weeks ago) as i was worried by what i saw and wanted to see how he was going.. she tells me that "he cant comprehend anything, everything is too difficult for him" "he comes into class and walks around in a circle with his bag on his back and doesnt know what to do" "he cant even do the most basic tasks, i have other kids with asd but (insert sons name) doesnt even understand what you say to him"

    Im actually really worried after having a big chat with the teacher.. she told me he just sits there and zones out.. she says she sits him out by himself because she doesn't want him runing her lessons
    ....and basically she doesn't think he's going to progress this year..

    Hes got sso support... but the teacher says unless he has one on one all the time he just doesnt get anything (obviously cant have one on one all the time)

    Im so upset... i feel like hes not going to learn to read or spell..maths.. and im worried about hsi future..

    He doesnt read very well atm... he doesn't recognize sight words... ( maybe a couple he knows)
    Cant spell anyth
    Im just after advice or any help please

    Thank you

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    Can you ask your teacher to write a letter with her observations and approaches? That you can take you your sons specialists? They should be able to help determine if your sons abilities have changed or if this teachers approach is not working for your son (and SHE needs some re-educating). Depending on what is said perhaps the teacher who helped your son previously and/or the specialists can write some guidelines for the teacher.

    If you feel something isn't right keep advocating for your child xxx

    Bumping your post so someone else with more experience can hopefully help.

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    Your profile says you live in NSW. Not sure about NSW, but in Victoria there are a few "specialised" schools which have programs tailored to kids with special needs. My understanding is that they can then often integrate into normal schools.

    Does your son qualify for an aide? I'm not a teacher, but last year at my son's 4yo kindergarten there was a little boy with ASD who had an aide (funded by the DEECD, I believe). Made life easier for this little boy, the teacher, and the other kids.
    I am certainly no expert on this, but perhaps others can help?

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    It sounds like he needs very specialised support.
    Has the school applied and gained the right amount of funding? Does he have an IEP in place? From previous years that should be reviewed every 4-6 months?
    You said he gets SSO support? I've not heard of that term. .is x that an aide? For how many hours?
    You may need to go in to school and ask about what help etc. Ask to see his IEP and how they are putting strategies in place to best support his learning.

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    Sounds like he's really lacking the support he needs

    Have you looked into applying for a placement in a support class instead of a main****** class?

    My DS has ASD and starts primary school next year. We've decided to apply for a placement in a support class in a main****** school rather than risk putting him in a main****** class and not getting sufficient aide time. In terms of reading and numbers he's way ahead of his peers, but he struggles to sit still and engage in group time and activities not of his choice. His social skills are lacking also.

    I really hate the thought of kids like ours being 'inconveniences' in main****** classes. They deserve a chance at an education just like every other child, however they do really need to be adequately supported.

    Look into all of your options and fight to get the support your little guy truly needs
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