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    Default Leaving the house with a newborn

    The 8 week check will force you out of the house
    You aren't abnormal it's quite scary the first few times but it gets easier and easier. I remember my first car trip, I pulled over twice (she was sleeping) to check on her as I couldn't see her.

    No 2 I was out and about with the pair of them alone day 3 after I got discharged

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    I think you need to do what you feel comfortable with. Everyone will have done things differently. Some are very confident and head out with a newborn straight away. Others not so much.

    With DS1 I was out and about within days. But I'd had an easy natural birth and he was an easy baby.

    With DS2 I had an emergency c section, rough recovery and he fed every 45 minutes for 20-30 minutes! I didn't venture out alone for months.

    Take your time, make it a short trip the first time until your confidence builds.

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    I was out within the first week with all of them. I didn't have any choice, I had to go out and DH had to work. They were covered in carriers and if they needed a feed I would just go to the parent room or food area - anywhere with a seat - and feed bub. If we were about to go somewhere else I'd feed in the car. It was much easier with just one, having two to wrangle was a bit difficult but you manage.

    With one, take the day at her pace if it makes you feel less worried. Otherwise, give her a good feed before you go out, if she's unsettled, another in the car before you go do your errand and then motions in the pram or carrier should lull her off. And if she does cry, just go and feed her. Try to stay calm and remember it's okay, you're both just getting used to something new. You will probably find after a feed and a stroll she dozes off. Mine could be awful at home after a feed but when out would just doze off.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thank you everyone for your advice. I went to my first new parents group meeting last week. Although she became upset halfway through it and I had to spend a long time in the feeding room settling her, at least I got out of the house. I also went to the local shopping centre with my sister for a few hours. It was good having her there with me for reassurance and I think soon I'll be able to do it alone.

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