Hi All

My name is Kelly and I'm a Registered Nurse who has for some reason gone back to study (glutton for punishment!) My course is all about child development and the wellbeing of mum and her baby.

A major practical component of my course is to visit a new mum and bub in the comfort of their own home to 'observe' the child develop over time. It's kind of like an indepth case study of a developing baby.

Other parents who participate in this exercise often comment that these observational visits assist with forming their weekly routine, and also help with 'tuning in' to their baby.

If you are having your baby this month, or know someone else who is, and would like more information, please get in touch. I only have a few weeks to find a mum and bubba so I'd really appreciate any leads. I live in the Western suburbs of Adelaide, but willing to travel across town

Thanks everyone!