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    Quote Originally Posted by binnielici View Post
    Drives me bonkers. All I can think is that careless drivers clearly don't care about their own property do have no consideration for mine!

    I drive around car parks looking for either a park with poles on either side so no one can park closely, or at least a park where there is a car on one side only. I also look for cars that are clean and clearly looked after. I figure if they look after their own car they'll be more inclined to consider others!

    I actually had some one come down beside my car (clearly did not realise I was there) with a shopping trolley and slam it between my car and the car next to me breaking my side mirror 😱 he was a really large guy so I was scared to confront him. I waited until he had moved through and was unpacking into his car (parked in front of mine). I kept my doors locked and just leaned out the window and asked if he was going to pay for the damage to my car - he told me to f@!k off! I wrote down the rego of his car and gave it to my insurer. No idea if they got anything out of him but at least I didn't have to pay my excess. I also have them the details of the car next to me so they could perhaps trace that person down too - I was to scared to leave a note on their car.
    omg how rude & awful! That really takes the cake. i really wonder what kind of society we are becoming with people like this around. I always remind my kids to use their manners, to be careful with other people's property, to wait whilst other's are speaking etc...

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