I'm a single mum of a beautiful 8 month old baby boy, and am from Auckland NZ.

I was tested and had a very low AMH - originally I had planned to just do IUI with donor sperm in order to make my baby dream come true. The doctors here then suggested I try using donor eggs as well with IVF as it was likely I wouldn't have enough eggs let alone good quality. This was quite a blow and was also likely to be incredibly expensive. Also, it's very hard to find egg donors here in NZ unless you use a family member, as donors aren't paid and there is an obligation to be available to the child when they turn 18yo.
I would've been on a waiting list for years.

I decided to start thinking outside the square and had heard that a friend of a friend had gone to Prague with her husband to use an egg donor and had been successful. I did a lot of research and found tonnes of overseas clinics able to help - and for much cheaper than here in NZ (including the airfare!).

I settled on IVF Spain in Alicante as they were incredibly helpful and professional and I decided the donors there were most likely to match me in terms of looks etc.. After several Skype consults and lots of emails, I travelled there with my Mum in October 2014 (we spent 2 lovely weeks in gorgeous Spain). Two embryos were implanted and when I got home I discovered I was pregnant with my gorgeous boy! (Born July 2015). I'm currently making plans to head back over early next year for a sibling for my boy.

Was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences? :-)