I'd love to hear from anyone that has had their baby recently at Frankston (Public) Hospital, or is booked in to have their baby there in 2016.

Good stories, bad stories, and everything in between. All would be very much appreciated.

My baby is due at the end of September 2016 (most likely early October, as it is my first pregnancy). All is going well and I'm low risk.

We currently live on the other side of the city (Carlton). I'm having my regular appointments with my local GP ( who is wonderful) and my scans at The Royal Women's.

But my husband and I will be moving to Mornington next month.

We're very excited about the sea change and love Mornington. However, I don't know the area very well yet, so am feeling quite worried about all the changes ahead from a maternity perspective.

Any prior hospital experiences I have had have been as a private patient, at hospitals in the Melbourne city.

But my maternity insurance won't be ready in time for the baby so it looks like Frankston Hospital will be our local maternity hospital.

I'd love to hear from some other mums in the area about their experiences.

Many thanks!