Ds2 has always been quite bonded with me but until now has still been happy going to other people for cuddles etc. Not having any family around and DH tending to spend more time with ds1 when he's free means that I'm the only one caring for him at least 90% of the time. I'm a selfish way I don't mind that he's quite attached to me but almost overnight he's become super clingy to the point where if I leave the room it's absolute hysterics, this morning I just crossed the room to pick something up and he started crying.
I know it's normal and I'm not looking to change it as such but I'm finding it very hard to cope with especially as I've got a 2 year old and we've just started a bit of toilet training so being away from baby for short periods of time without carrying him is often necessary. I feel so stressed when I'm trying to be patient with my toddler but all I want is for him to hurry up so I can get back to my screaming baby. I find I'm losing my temper with my toddler so often for silly things like him not getting his shoes when I've asked him etc etc because I'm always so impatient to get out the house with a screaming baby in tow.
Any tips or ideas on how to keep him entertained when I'm not there? I try to have other people hold him at playgroups etc but for the most part I can't really avoid me being around him constantly so I know the attachment is not going to change, I just need ways to keep him calm when I'm not with him.