Just had my first scan at day 7. Looks like the cycle is gonna be cancelled again
Left side already has 2x 18mm & 2x less than 10mm.
Right side has a 9, 10.5 & 12mm.
Nurse said that based on that I'm already ready for EPU on Monday instead of Wednesday, but given what happened last cycle & how big those 2 are already, especially compared to the rest, there's a high chance they're just cysts & won't have any good eggs.
Had my blood test & when those results are in she's gonna speak to the doc & see what he reckons. She said they may keep me stimming until Monday like planned & see what's happening at that scan & hopefully the little ones have caught up. But she has a feeling I'm gonna be cancelled again, just this time it might be before EPU, rather than getting no mature eggs & getting cancelled after.
Anyone had this or smth similar?
Advice? Opinions?
What are my options? (try naturally/convert to IUI/estrogen/other meds/anything)
Do I need a different protocol next time?

Same protocol for all 3 cycles - start with BCP for a couple of weeks. Get period. Baseline estrogen levels taken. Start 150 Gonal F, 250 Cetrotide starting on Day 5. Scan & bloods on Day 7. Scan & bloods on Day 11. Ovidrel trigger planned for Day 11. EPU Day 13. Transfer Day 15.

IVF#1 - Felt crappy entire time with side effects & also cos I got sick during. Responded perfectly. Second scan on Friday, had about 12 follies , estrogen was about 10500. Triggered Saturday night. EPU on Monday morning. Got 4 eggs, 3 mature, 3 fertilised. Transferred 1x 5 cell emby (others were 5 cell & 7 cell), BFN. Stupidly didn't freeze the rest as we thought we would get similar results/be ok in the future.
IVF#2 - Felt 100% this cycle, hardly any side effects & not sick. Responded ok, but not as good as first time. Second scan on Friday showed about 8 follies, estrogen was about 5000. Was supposed to trigger on Sunday but they brought it forward to Saturday instead. EPU on Monday morning. Got 6 eggs, 2 mature, 0 fertilised. No transfer.
IVF#3 - Feeling pretty average this cycle. Headaches every day. Tired. EPU planned for next Wednesday. First scan today (Thursday).