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    Default IVF with PCOS and Endometriosis


    I'm new to this group and hoped I might find some people experiencing similar issues.

    I am about one year into my fertility struggle. I was diagnosed with PCOS and am seeing a fertility specialist. After around 6 or 7 cycles of Clomid (ovulated but no pregnancy) I underwent a laparoscopy.
    I had ovarian drilling performed and they found severe endometriosis which was all over my tubes, uterus, ovaries, and bowel. They removed what they could but did not touch my bowels.

    My specialist has now reccomended we try IVF once or twice (depending how many eggs we get, so one round of egg collection). If this is unsuccessful then I will need to undergo a major surgery to remove the remaining endometriosis with poses some risks.

    I am starting to consider that this may not happen for us. It doesn't help that I have never met anyone who has both these conditions to similar degrees so it is hard to have any idea of what will happen or to find people who can relate.

    Happy to hear from anyone who has experienced similar, whether positive or negative stories. We have just booked all our compulsory pre-IVF appointments so looking like our first cycle will be April.

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    Hey CatWomanMelb I have PCOS too
    Im currently on my 4th cycle of clomid (ovulating but not preg) and its doing my head in.
    I had an appointment with my FS on Monday who thinks i may have endometriosis aswell because of my incredibly painfull period pains.. he has suggested to do my lasts rounds of clomid then have a laparoscopy to have a look and fix it if its there but then undergo IVF.
    I feel your frustration i go crazy every month knowing i have ovulated and am not pregnant..
    My FS did tell me if i hav severe endometriosis and cant be removed at the time he would still undergo the IVF

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    My friend has both to a very severe degree. She has had open surgery to remove her endo (cut from just below the ribs to the pubic bone). She is about to have her 3rd ivf baby with only 2 failed transfers.


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