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    We had our DS tongue snipped at 4 months. I've since been to the dentist and he agrees it has reattached some what but suggested holding off until he was finished getting all his teeth then they would laser both his lip and tongue.

    B/feeding was always painful for me even with shields we mixed feed since 10 days old. Whilst we did see some improvement in his weight gain initially it wasn't until he was well on his way with solids that we saw any huge improvement - always on or just below the bottom line.

    This Christmas at 18months old he managed to stick his tongue out just past his lips - doesn't look the same as when you or I would stick our tongue out but was just a bit exciting for us to see!

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    Hi all, thanks for the responses So just wanted to give an update, it's been two weeks since her lip and tongue release and we've had 3 chiro visits. Unfortunately weight gains have not been improved (she's only put on 140 grams in 2 weeks) and her feeding is still the same - basically one sided for only about 10 minutes. Also still not able to get her to take any bottle top ups after feeds, sigh. That's always worried me because if I am instructed to supplement, I am not sure how that would even work as I've already been trying and I can't get her to do it. This morning after I fed her I had to use the pump because my breasts were so full and I got another 250ml - it's so frustrating because the milk is there but she won't feed longer. I tried doing some test weights on her before and after feeding (granted my baby scale is probably not the best, but I've been consistent with my use of it) and it seems like she's only taking about 90ml at a feed. This doesn't seem much for a 4 month old.

    I've followed up with the LC and she thinks maybe her tongue needs more releasing. She also mentioned possibly doing some suck training or using a supplemental nursing system, she's going to have a more detailed discussion with me this afternoon.

    To top it all off my husband and I had a huge fight about it all over the weekend, he thinks I'm being selfish to continue breastfeeding and I'm only doing it because I want to feel "needed" and it's all psychological. Any argument I have is countered by "well DD#1 was on formula and she turned out great so breast is not best and it's a load of crap". He thinks she should be on set 4 hourly feeds by now and sleeping through the night since that's what DD#1 did. Gaaaahhhh!!!!!! So frustrating. I'm dreading having to tell him if I need to take her back to get more tongue released, which isn't cheap either!!!


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