I was hoping someone or a person you know would like to help another couple create a family. My husband and I are not ready to give up on our dreams and are putting this out there in case someone is interested in helping.

We are a couple who met later in life and I have a health condition which prevented me from carrying a baby until after a transplant saved my life. My husband and I met online and he took on everything my condition had to throw at him, even moving from the USA and away from his family to be together. During my wait, I was advised that after transplant, I could carry a baby. This really motivated me to recover and stay healthy to be given the "ok" to get pregnant. After the recovery period, we were allowed to try for a baby but it was discovered that on top of everything else, I also had a blood clotting issue. This makes it very dangerous to carry a baby and puts me at increased risk of death. We were fortunate enough to have a friend offer to be our surrogate and we got to the point of starting transfers. Unfortunately, our first transfer failed to result in a pregnancy and due to health concerns, she was unable to go ahead with the second. We are really devastated with this news and are just not ready to give up. We have 4 embryos left. If anyone could help us, well, there are no words. We are in a loving and stable marriage, we are both hard workers, my husband is a very funny man and he likes shopping. If that's not an inducement to help us, I don't know what is.

Thanks for reading! I'm not a great writer and it's difficult to put into words what this means to us. I wish everyone on the same path my best wishes and good luck.

The S Team.