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    Quote Originally Posted by ciaomamma View Post
    My tense up was my neck, I would stiffen my neck up so much I'd get a headache and my shoulders would hurt, my teeth would clench and I'd go into a fuzzy mind state where I couldn't even concentrate on a conversation... I just started to make a conscious effort to relax my body and think positive thought, actually repeating sentences in my head that would relax me.
    That is so weird! This is exactly what happens to me! Even when I am aware I just can't help it sometimes, even relaxing and breathing won't help always.

    I think once you are having physical symptoms, it means it is affecting your day to day life, so it is a problem.
    I would say it is probably some form of anxiety, I recently have started seeing a therapist, I would definitely recommend it!

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    I can relate and I've just got the one toddler. I am anxious as I have another on the way and I'm dreading certain aspects of it. I make a point of saying to friends 'look I'm sorry if I'm distracted or I have to run off but I've got one eye on my kid' that helps a bit, or just say I am really tense right now. I never pretend I'm on top of it all.

    But yeah OP it sounds like its manifesting itself as physical symptoms as sparklebug says. Maybe have a chat with your GP?

    There are a lot of aspects of being a mother that I actually really dislike and feel guilty for. Kids can be really stressful in so many ways!

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    I feel this to a degree where i find it really difficult to relax and enjoy the conversation or meal or cuppa. I'm fine when I'm alone with kids at a cafe etc but when I'm with others i don't feel like i can stay on top of kids needs and behaviour so well. I have twin toddlers and they are great with behaviour really but i think i have very high expectations of myself and then and am stressed that they will make a mess or annoy other patrons or something and I'm just not okay with it. I watch other mums who don't seem to mind as much and they are relaxed but at the same time, i'd hate my kids to be doing some of the things their kids do. Even in a play situation i hate it if it's my kids who aren't sharing or playing well so i guess i like to pre-empt problems and not let things escalate. I find this hard when I'm talking with other adults. Wish i could relax more!

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    I really feel bad for everyone who has posted, this must surely be anxiety. i mean it must be a serious illness. I have never felt like that. I had three kids under two, and then four under 6, and I would go out to playgroup, and school outings, and take the kids out on my own. I can not recall ever feeling so tense or anxious. I am not saying that to boast, or anything, I really feel bad for anyone who feels so stressed. hugs, marie.

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    This sounds like anxiety to me?

    It's not the same, I know, but I used to be out and about with 4 kids daily as a nanny- for hours at a time, ages 9, 7, 3 and newborn- and I never felt like this... I mean yeah if something happened to one of the kids and then another (seems to never happen one at a time) I would have a moment of panic over who to go to first, but it was never more than a moment- as you just tend to got to the youngest unless the older is seriously hurt.

    Being out with my two stepkids when they were younger (aged 7 months and just over 2), again never felt this.

    Have you spoken to a GP OP?


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