Hi guys, just wondering a few things regarding babywearing. I have an ergo 360 and I love it. I have used it since ds was newborn, he is now 8.5 months old. He has always loved sleeping/being in it etc, but I have always had to be constantly moving unless he was fast asleep. As soon as I stop and stand/sit unless he is asleep he has always wanted out. Is this normal?

Just lately though, ds only will want to be in it if he is due for a sleep and as soon as he wakes after one sleep cycle he struggles until he is out (on front facing inward, or on my back). The only way I can have any luck with it if he isn't due for a sleep is to face him outward so he can see and walk around constantly. But this hurts my back. I miss wearing him so often and I see so many mothers wearing their calm child and just wish mine would be calm in it too.

By the way any tips on replacing dummy when back carrying? My baby always wants his dummy and I just can't reach my arm around to put it back in.

And also by the way, I'm thinking about buying a Fidella fly tai. Has anyone had any experience with these or a Mai tai in general? What did you think of it? I'm trying to consider my next baby as well when buying my next carrier as we are considering getting pregnant again soon. Can you get the normal size fly tai and put a newborn in it?