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    Default Meal prep

    So due to being time restricted every day and my desire to maintain a healthy diet I want to become stricter on my weekly meal prep. Whether it be lunches for work and uni or just pre chopping veg for dinner when I get home. Just wondering if anyone can share their meal prep routines or ideas! Would be great to have some new inspiration 😊

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    I bake weekly for the family so that sorts out lunches and snacks. I pack myself a lunchbox as well so I know how much I'm eating per day. Also menu planning and cooking double or triple batches works out well.
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    Following for ideas too 😀

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    When DH is home I use the time to do big batches of dinners. Today wasn't as successful in that area, because we have a freezer full of pre-cooked meals after my last 2 Sundays, so today I made nut-free no bake muesli bars (can be frozen), pikelets, bread rolls, red lentil dahl, tomato sauce (excess cherry tomatoes) and red onion jam. It means that I have things I can just grab at the end of the day for dinner, or to pack school lunches, and not have to think about it or eat rubbish.

    Currently in my freezer is:
    Chicken cacciatore
    Mango Chicken Curry
    Satay Chicken
    Beef and eggplant pies with sweet potato mash topping
    Chicken pie mix (defrost and eat as is, add a carb, or put in a pie dish topped with pastry).
    Vegemite scrolls
    Banana muffins
    And other random stuff!

    I'm relatively new at the freezing of bulk meals as I was always happy to cook each night after DH got home, but I'm 25 weeks pregnant with number 3 and just too tired. This way I get beautiful home cooked meals, but without having to actually cook them. I use oven safe containers, or buy the foil containers for lasagne etc, which means I can throw them straight in the oven from frozen. Otherwise I can take the things out in the morning to defrost during the day.

    I have also done those same meals in single serve with brown rice, so that I can have them for lunch if I know DH is away, or dinner is crazy.

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    I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment.

    Breakfast - porridge. I put it on the stove, leave it, do other jobs and it is cooked, ready to eat by the time I am showered and dressed.

    Lunch - me.
    Salad - made the night before while I am cooking dinner
    I have a stack of homemade soups and homemade baked beans in the freezer in individual serves. In the mornings I just grab something out of the freezer, my salad and a piece of fruit and take that to work.

    School lunches - I only need to make one these days as my teens forage for themselves. It is made while I am waiting for porridge to cook in the morning. I poach some chicken breasts on a Sunday night and use those for sandwiches during the week. At one stage I was making scrolls and pasties and freezing them for school lunches but the kids have gone off them now.

    Baking - I only ever make tripe batches of anything. I make things like muffins, museli bars etc on the weekend to last the week. If they get eaten too bad, kids then need to snack on fruit only.

    Dinner - Every six weeks or so I have a big cookup on the weekend and fill my deep freezer with things like spag bol sauce and soups. We have them on nights I couldn't be bothered or have something on and need to have dinner in a hurry. Apart from that I choose easy meals during the week eg grilled something and salad / veg, tacos, fish and homemade wedges and veg or salad, egg on toast.

    Something I have implemented this year is a ban on bought cakes and biscuits. I found my kids would feast on them and I was throwing rotten fruit out each week. Now they have no choice but to eat fruit or something I have baked.

    I'm storing all fruit and veg in containers in the fridge, so I can instantly see what I have on hand and meal plan around anything I have left over at the end of the week. I have experimented with chopping things along the lines of watermelon and rockmelon up when I buy them and letting the kids just help themselves whenever they felt like it. The watermelon in particular went a bit yuck so I don't know if I would recommend it.
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    I have found that prewashing/sorting my veg (I cut some like capsicum in half, broccoli into florets) and putting them in airtight containers helps. I don't precut everything but it being sorted/washed helps.

    Bulk baking = awesome

    Make meals simple where you can (steam up veg with fish/steak etc) - healthy and does not a long time to cook or prepare.

    Sort out some 'snacks' at the start of the week i.e. nuts/dried fruit, rice cakes etc all in containers for every day.


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