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    Default HIgh NK cells, recurrent miscarriages and autism.

    Hi there,
    Now where do I start..?
    i have been been diagnosed with high NK cells after my third miscarriage (at 14 weeks) and had one successful pregnancy and delivery 6 years ago...

    my my successful pregnancy was not devoid of complications and we found out later at DS has autism.

    we have been ttc naturally for the past 4 years and the miscarriage happened a couple of years back (At 14 weeks) which completely shook us...at one point we just gave up but the human spirit is stronger than anything, and we have decided to give a full go and see how it goes before we give up..

    now our our case isn't that simple as we do have our son with autism and were told be geneticist that sex selection might be the way to go to avoid autism in the sibling as chances are 1:4 in boys but 1 in 9 in girls.
    in saying that, there's a fair chances that we don't get a female embryo at all ...the whole Xperience is very daunting and emotionally draining...I am just yelling out to the women here...anyone in similar boat or knows someone with similar circumstances? I would really love to talk to someone in same situation as at the moment, I am very lone,y where I am...

    please help!

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    Default HIgh NK cells, recurrent miscarriages and autism.

    I don't think you can do sex selection in Australia unless you have a history of inherited genetic disease, unless you were planning to go to America or OS.

    High Nk cells are usually treated with steroids so that could work for you and you could go on to have a healthy pregnancy.
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