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    Thanks everyone for your kind words.

    I had a good think today......... I reminded myself that there are people out there who can't even fall pregnant, people who pay lot more then $177 and come out with heartache. People who can't wait to hold their babies to only see them sleep for a brief time and to never see them again.

    How selfish I feel. Yes its hard and yes it's not what I planned and not my ideal pregnancy, however who is not to say at week 20 I have that glow and don't need any medication. If doing what I am now means a higher percentage of a baby then I shouldn't complain. The money part will hurt but it's not for life I will buy everything second hand and cut back on food bill and petrol etc. I have a lot more then some families. We have our home tho a mortgage I feel is highly overrated and puts a lot of strain on a family........ We bought a cheap house, our house isn't perfect but it's a roof.

    I have access to a councillor through my autism support group so will pop in and see her just to off load my thoughts

    Positive of it all..........at least I know that I really want this baby.

    I'm sorry to whinge but I just had to off load cause no one knows we are pregnant so it's not like I can call mum and blurt my tears out.

    It's not the end of the world rather another learning curve that I maybe able to help someone with down the track.

    Thank you so much lovies for lending me your shoulders and time I appreciate it.

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    More then allowed to say how your feeling, i find if i put it down somewhere it makes me feel better then letting me blow up. You are not selfish either for feeling how you do please dont think that you are allowed to have these fears just like any other mum. Hope all goes well for you throughout the pregnancy.


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