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    Quote Originally Posted by BettyV View Post
    Can I second this? My dd's sleep went from slightly dodgy to downright atrocious when we introduced solids! Her little body was really struggling to digest all these new foods. It took a few months for her system to really adjust.
    Actually it was when my DD2 started eating that she got worse

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    Slightly derailing as OP you have mentioned your DD refuses solids (I understand as mine did) but if solids are introduced early in the day rather than after lunch/dinner would that help with the bubs that find digesting the food difficult sleep? I.e. hopefully the 'digestion' of food is settled and it would not affect their sleep?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingermillie View Post
    Ok thanks for all the replies I REALLY REALLY appreciate it. I'll try answer the questions in one go!

    Yes have tried dymadon previously instead of Panadol - same thing. She has issues with anything going in her mouth that's not breastmilk straight from the tap 😁
    Haven't tried nurofen. See above don't think she'd take it but also she's got reflux so I'd be hesitant using ibuprofen.
    Have given paracetamol tonight so fingers crossed.
    The sleep school had a paed look at her and several child health nurses observe her eating. She flat out refuses spoon feeding. Clamps her mouth shut and turns away, hits the spoon away and refuses to turn around. Omg frustrating! Have been trying now for over 2 months. I don't know what else to do I can't force feed her. They said that yes she's very resistant and just focus on food play mainly but still try some spoon feeding at each mealtime.
    As an example tonight she did well she played with a cottage cheese wholemeal sandwich sucked it quite a bit, then nibbled some cauliflower and had probably 2 tablespoons of pear and blueberry and 1 tablespoon of custard. That was a roaring success for her. Not very healthy but it's a start.
    Re the room temp yes we have checked it using an infrared thermometer and there is a heater with thermostat in there too. Room is 20-21 consistently. I could try a 2.5tog bag.
    Blanket and sheet is for her to feel 'tucked in' if she isn't tucked in her legs go everywhere and she can't sleep.
    Will try ignore her if she wakes wanting to play tonight. It's hard as she starts off squealing and shrieking then grumbles and grizzles louder and louder.
    I'm doing about 4-5 breastfeeds per 24 hours at the moment and she's 7.8kg (2.6 at birth and currently gaining 100-200g a week still 😁).
    She won't really take a bottle we gave up trying so no formula and no help either ☹

    I think it might be teething, might be habit, might be lack of food, might be personality. Maybe a lucky combination of all of them. But I think we are doing all the right things I'm just so freaking tired and officially back at work this week and postgrad study resumes in 2 weeks. I have no family help and DH is hardly ever home. I don't want help just a baby who sleeps 😡 seriously never doing this again I am so not cut out for this. Luckily she's a delightfully happy joyous little girl now
    Sorry. Just read this.

    I've read the BLW book and it makes sense.. Have you tried just letting her feed herself?

    DD actually cried when I tried to spoon feed her ( so I soon quit and she loves feeding herself! ) so maybe it's not for every baby. She sounds like a feisty little thing lol!


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