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    Default Temp drop

    Hi ladies,

    So I've started temping this month along with using my opk as usual. I'm on CD 5 now. My temp has been sitting at 36.30 for a few days and now it has dropped to 36.03 and FF says that there is a high temp fluctuation. Does this really even matter? Or is it just an observation that FF has noted? All temps have been taken at the same time every morning.

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    This is pretty normal for early on in your cycle for there to be lots of temp variation...a temp drop can be a good sign you are heading into the fertile zone if it stays down.

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    Default Temp drop

    FF is quite sensitive when you first start temping and takes a few cycles to start spitting out meaningful information.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the fluctuations. on a day to day basis FF would often give me messages like this too and I'd worry I was doing something wrong but you're not. just keep going. you might've taken your temp incorrectly one time or your body temp did just fluctuate, maybe the weather played a part etc. by itself it doesn't really mean that much.

    what you want is to establish a pattern of temps and their changes to try and pinpoint when (if) you're ovulating so you can have sex in the few days leading up to and on ovulation day.

    after ovulation your temps should then stay higher than what they were pre-ov.

    it's frustrating and confusing at first but just keep at it. it'll start to come together and make sense after a couple of cycles. just be consistent with your bbt measurements and try and record as much info into FF as you can.

    once I got the hang of it, I actually found FF and temping far more helpful when ttc than OPKs. the temping provides a better overall picture of what's going on whereas I always felt like OPKs just tell you if you've had the lhs surge.

    oh and I was paying for the premium FF version, found the free one was too basic.

    good luck!


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