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    Default Not quite a weaning post, but...

    ...after almost 20 months I just packed the breast pump away until whenever we need it for future baby#2.
    I feel a little guilty and sad as I'm sure DS would have kept drinking and enjoying a bottle at daycare for as long I kept sending them. And I've always had a rather tenuous supply so hope this doesn't affect feeding at nights/ mornings/weekends...
    But after having to pump 4-8 times a day for the first few months, then every day at work when I went back at 7 months, I am very glad to see it gone. And to not have to wash all the bottles and parts every night!
    And I don't have to stop what I'm doing in the middle of the day to go pump!
    I can use my lunch break to actually go and have lunch!
    And I can wear normal bras and t-shirts to work again!

    Hopefully this is preparing me a little for when we stop breastfeeding altogether, when I will be even more conflicted. (I love breastfeeding! But I hate it so much! But it makes parenting so easy! Argh!)

    Sorry for the totally self-indulgent post, but I figured there'd be people here who would understand

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    I have never pumped, but I definitely get the love hate thing! I've got an over supply though, and while I've been working full time for 2 weeks, my body still hasn't really adjusted and I'm engorged by the end of the day.

    Enjoy your freedoms! I'm loving being able to wear whatever I like!

    Eta: It is a relief to get home and have DS take some of the pressure off though! It's all he wants when I walk in the door.
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    I didn't pump too much (for the 1st 12 months or so I did).

    But I recently stopped BF. He was just over 2.5. Its weird as I was ready (pregnant and painful/extremely sick) but I still get sad that we don't have that special time. I never thought I'd feel that way I guess.

    But it gets better. DS will cope You will both get through it when it is time to wean BFits just weird at first.

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