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    Default Twins - Special Care Nursery - HELP =(

    I gave birth at 34+5 weeks due to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I had two girls who have since been in the special care nursery for 9 days. They are off oxygen and out of the humidicrib things since day 2 but with a couple apneas, desats and bradys enough to buy them a brand new 48 hour watch almost every day. One girl is more bottle breast milk and top ups of tube but the other is mainly tube. Im at wits end. We live 35mins away from the hospital and with a csection I cant drive and have to wait till hubby gets home to visit and with a 5 year old it's hard to stay long enough.... question is has anyone else been in this situation if so how long before you got to take your baby/babies home????

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    Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your twins

    My DS was born at 31+2. He had no significant issues, he just had to grow and be able to properly feed before he was allowed to go home. He was in 5 1/2 weeks in total.

    I can relate to the frustration regarding living a fair distance from the hospital and relying on others to drive you in - it's the pits

    Your babies will be close to being sent home once they are both able to breast/bottle feed for all feeds. When this happens, you'll more than likely be asked to stay at the hospital for 2 nights to 'room in' and feed them round the clock before they say you can go home. Of course any other issues or concerns have to be taken into account.

    Do you have family or friends that can help out with caring for your 5 year old? The more time you can spend with them at the hospital the better, as you'll get more chances to get them used to feeding without the tube.

    Massive hugs, the premmie journey is not an easy one, but you'll get through it. We all do

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    I have not been in your situation, but as a midwife have worked in special care nursery. Our general advice/guide to parents is to expect them to be in the nursery until their due date. If they are out earlier, brilliant. It just means you're not constantly feeling like your expectations are not being met. It is likely that they will want to make sure your babies can take all suck feeds (breast or bottle) with no tube top ups required before you are allowed to room in with them/discharge home. Are you breastfeeding? Planning to breastfeed? Because if you are you may need to find a way to spend more time with them to establish feeds. Is there someone else who can drop you up there? A friend or family member? Can DH drop you there early in the morning then come pick you up when he'd normally come in with you and your 5yo? What about public transport, is there anything that would get you close to the hospital? How long ago was your c-section? Have you been told explicitly not to drive? There was a thread on here recently about how soon someone could drive after a c-section. Hopefully there are ways around it. Also how big is your hospital? We have a big volunteer service and sometimes they will do pick ups and drop offs for patients for appointments and the like. Might be worth looking in to, or asking to see a social worker to see if they have any tricks up their sleeve too. Good luck!

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    Congrats on the birth of your girls! I've been in similar situation (ish)...twins born 36w; one in special care and one not (total nightmare cause was going back and forth to hospital which was an hour drive and taking newborne each time). Also had 2yo. Our daughter had an infection and her total stay was 3 weeks. As to how long you'll be in this position no one can say - once stable enough to take feeds they will go very slowly but you WILL get there. It's so so so hard and I have nothing but respect for other twin/premie mummies (well all mothers really - it's all hard).
    If anyone offers to help in any way - say yes!!! Have friends/family cook you dinner, grab some essentials from the supermarket, hang out your washing, anything really. People love helping and feeling useful in these times. Also if you have anyone who could drive you in that would be good. Maybe try arrange a play date (or sleep over) for your oldest child whilst your at the hospital - we had grandparents meet us at hospital and take our 2yo old off for couple hours so I had some time to feed/bond/get updates from dr etc.
    Also make sure you're getting everything you can from the hospital - even though I wasnt a patient I received lunch and or dinner (as I was a Breast feeding mum) we also got reduced parking prices and discounts around hospital (every but helps as it all adds up$$). My hospital also provided bottles for for storing milk so I didn't have to Sterlise during this time.
    Try and let all the little things go and do whatever you need to do during this really hard time - it doesn't last long and no one will remember if you didn't wash your hair/mop the floor for a week/wore the same top 5 days straight, fed your oldest cake for dinner, drank far to much coffee & use the F&$k word constantly (oh wait, now I'm just talking about my life)! Point is - you'll get through this.
    Good luck


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