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    Default Any late-talker success stories?

    Hi all. My son is now 2 years, 10 months so I thought I'd update in case someone is frantically reading late talker posts like I was.

    The short story is... things are ok. He doesn't have apraxia. He just started talking more. By 32 months he was still unclear but was within a normal range language wise (though still below average).

    He certainly isn't fabulously clear now - but I think he would probably be described as phonological delayed. He is also tending to omit the little words (a, the) from speech. I am optimistic, though, that he will be caught up by school.

    I hope this helps someone. I always discredited the variability of development. I'm pleased I pursued all the avenues for assessment I did but, I guess, most kids really do get there in their own time.
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    My son will be 3 in April.. he is on the waiting list for speech pathology. He has been assessed before but we were told sometimes children (especially boys ) sometimes don't start talking till around 3. Well that was 3/4 months ago and even though hes "behind" compared to other toddlers his age i can see/hear him saying new words at least each week.. when he does turn 3 in 6 months we will have him assessed again, though I'm not concerned as i know he will learn at his own pace just like most kids. I've got an older daughter (just turned 12) with apraxia of speech so i wanted to make sure he didn't have this. Just seems like a delay in my sons case, though like i said i can see and hear him saying new things all the time.

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    Default 21 month old late talker

    My daughter is 21 months and only has a handful of words and is shy.

    Her paediatrician said that could be red flags a second option said she is a Normal girl at this stage and let's monitor the speech for 3 months and revisit.

    I am so confused and worried out of my brain. Anyone has similar and what was the outcome? Late takers and shy?

    She warms up to people she doesn't know, plays like a regular child makes eye contact responds to her name. Sometimes appears like she understands you and other times she appears like she doesn't understand.

    My husband thinks I am overacting.

    Any advice?
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