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    Default Gluten Free - thinking of getting a thermomix

    So as the title suggests I am considering buying a thermomix. I just looked at my shopping spending this fortnight and it's very high.

    We don't eat extravagant meat and I'm thinking a huge amount is buying GF bread, cake mixes, flour etc. if I purchase the thermie I will have to go all in and make it count I.e Meals,snacks.... I'm considering the thermie as I want to mill my own flour, make dough etc

    So I just need some advice from anyone with a thermomix, if you use it for everything I wrote above, is it worth it? If you are gluten free, is the bread/dough/flour easy to make and does it taste good?

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    Hi. I know a couple of people who haveca thermy as they need to do gluten free. They definitely get good use out of it and make their own flours. One doesn't bother making GF bread as she's been GF all her life so never had bread as part of her diet. The other says its almost impossible to make good GF bread, cakes absolutely, but not loaf bread.

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    I am a thermi owner, not strictly gluten free (and I rarely eat bread let alone make it!), however you can easily make all sorts of flours from just about anything. Takes about 10 secs to make buckwheat flour (from grouts), rice flour (I use brown rice grains) etc and I usually mill whilst making the recipe rather than milling batches of flour per say, it's pretty quick and easy to do on the fly (and the grains store better than flours).

    A good friend of mine is strictly gluten free and swears by it.

    I use it for plenty of things, I won't bore you with a spiel, but definitely use it daily if not several times a day so worth every cent IMO.

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    I am gluten free (a long with other allergies) and have a thermo...not sure how I would go without it now!

    I make my own flours (so much cheaper!) and a range of gf scones, breads, cakes/slices etc. it does save money in the long run.

    In terms of bread...gf is really hard to achieve a decent loaf. Quirky cooking has a few I tend to use, but often I don't bother with gf bread. Although, Anything I do make tastes better than the gross shop bought gf loaves though!

    I find a lot of shop bought gf stuff is not only expensive, but packed with sugar and preservatives. I love being able to easily whip up things with wholesome ingredients. I would def reccomend thermies to people who are gluten free or have significant food allergies.


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