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    Quote Originally Posted by turquoisecoast View Post

    do you ever go drinking together with this guy? I find that's where the trouble can start. I had a guy at my old work quite a few years ago now that was like this with me. he was a bit younger but we got along and enjoyed each others company. in fact everyone used to tell me he had a crush on me and would follow me around like a lost puppy lol. we used to go out drinking a fair bit after work and got really really drunk one time. we ended up kissing 😳😳

    I don't know wtf that was all about and it was a bit awks on Monday at work but it was a one off and never happened again. in fact he later told me he's gay. wtf.

    anyway I think this kind of situation has the potential to deteriorate into something messy and dangerous but you have a kid together with dp, I doubt you're partying after work on a Friday night til 2am.

    keep it friendly and above board and I don't see an issue really.

    This is so incredibly awkward hahaha

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    It sound all innocent then so nothing to worry about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qrazelna View Post
    This is so incredibly awkward hahaha
    what happened to me you mean?

    surprisingly it wasn't. he was super awks towards me on the Monday but I just acted normal and it was like it never happened.

    when he came out to me later on, I asked him how what had happened that night fit into him being gay. I can't remember what the reply was but at no point did it really ever get awkward.

    I'm a very honest and upfront person and he was too so we just kind of laughed it off and moved on. I have since lost contact with him anyway.


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