Hi Mum's and Dad's my name is Ally I am a graduate student midwife at the University of Notre Dame seeking continuity of care experiences in the Perth area.

As part of the course requirements I need to follow 10 women through their pregnancy. You must be 35 weeks pregnant or less, I will attend 4 antenatal visits, the birth and 2 postnatal visits. This is a great opportunity to have extra support, have a familiar face and have an opportunity to learn of each other. All information will remain confidential the university will contact your health provider to let them know and it doesn't matter which service you are choosing to birth with. Also you can pull out whenever you want if you change your mind.

If this is something you would be interested in please don't hesitate to contact me on alexandra.maclachlan1@my.nd.edu.au and I can give you some more information.

Thank you