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    Question New Mommies With Toddler(s) - What Do You Wish You'd Had For Second Time Around?

    Hi There!

    My lovely friends are a few months away from welcoming baby #2 (gender unknown) just in time to wish their very active first child (boy) a happy second birthday. They're really committed and attentive parents and I'd like to give them a dual gift - something that might be great for Baby #1's second birthday, but will also perhaps make life easier when the new addition comes and there's already a toddler in the mix.

    My budget is around $500 max, and they've stressed that the toy and clothing drawers are/will be well stocked. They made most of their first baby's food from scratch (boiled veggies, fresh fruits, organic and healthy foods), boiled bottles, and co-parent like rockstars (mom and dad spend virtually equal time with their son, as one works in hospitality and the other is a freelance creative and musician). They love the beach and are a multilingual family too - Portuguese and English.

    Here's the thing - I don't have kids. I don't even have many friends who have kids! So I just know that although I've paid some attention and know my way around a Toys R Us, there must be tonnes of great gifts that such hands-on parents would benefit from that I just have no idea about.

    So, Mommies - What do you wish you'd had but didn't, or are so glad you had when you found yourself with a toddler and a newborn?

    Please help, I'm drowning in internet reviews!


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    Do they have a good baby carrier?


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