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    I get paid child support (when he feels like it) and I was made redundant in Nov (a few years ago).

    The only reason I paid no tax on my redundancy payment is that I came in under the tax free threshold for that financial year.

    However, the income on my child support assessment included that redundancy payment.

    Once she gets her tax done it will filter out and if you have overpaid she will need to repay you or it will be considered credit.

    She can say what she likes but it will filter out when she gets her tax done, she can't hide the payment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Singledad101 View Post
    I have just found this on ATO website, if this is true and child support only takes taxable income into consideration. This is really unfair as here I am not earning a large income and then there is my ex who has her income for the year and then this extra $20k+ that is just forgotten about. I have no qualms about child support especially while my ex is unemployed but not when she's received this extra income which is not taken into account. As people have said the child support system is there to make things equal and fair, but this is certainly not the case here.

    A genuine redundancy payment is a payment made to you as an employee who is dismissed because the job you were doing has been abolished.
    Depending on your employment conditions, for example amounts your employer is required to pay under the industrial agreement or employment contract, a genuine redundancy payment may include:
    • payment in lieu of notice
    • severance payment of a number of weeks' pay for each year of service
    • a gratuity or 'golden handshake'.
    The following payments are not included in a genuine redundancy payment:
    • salary, wages or allowances owing to you for work done or leave already taken for work completed
    • lump sum payments of unused annual leave or leave loading paid on termination of employment
    • lump sum payments of unused long service leave paid on termination of employment under a formal arrangement
    • payments made in lieu of superannuation benefits.
    Any payments that meet the conditions of a genuine redundancy are tax free up to a limit based on your years of service with your employer. The tax-free limit is a flat dollar amount plus an amount for each year of completed service in your period of employment with your employer. Indexation changes the tax-free limit on 1 July each year.
    When my partner had his tax done by an accountant the redundancy (4 - 6 weeks pay) that wasn't taxed but the annual leave, long service and sick pay certainly counted towards his taxable income.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemmi1987 View Post
    Im sorry that your ex got a dud, he doesnt have to buy those extra things but it appears his ex is milking what she knows she can get from him

    I dont work at the moment, I would love to but have no one reliable to watch my children and get them to and from school etc if the work day starts before school time or finishes late at night and unfortunately someone has to be responsible for that

    the child support system favours no one, it is designed to 'equal out' the income to ensure the lifestyle a child is used to is maintained at both houses,

    some 'women' may abuse the system by taking advantage and requesting extra just as some 'men' may take advantage of the system by repeatedly not lodging tax stuff, lying about income assessment etc etc etc

    the system does not give a damn either way, in my experience I would say it 'favours' fathers who dont wish to support their children but I know it doesn't actually favour anyone, it is an income vs lifestyle system and that is all

    if you have concerns as to how the child support may be being spent you can attempt to negotiate with child support to buy items and bills etc instead of cash money,

    As I said my opinion is based on my experience, yes there are dead beat dads who get away with things.
    And I am not at all doubting there are hardworking mums who genuinely need the money but from my point of view she is certainly getting the better end of the deal.

    It does suck but when he contacted child support about all the extras they simply told him "you don't have to buy those things but at the end of the day your child will miss out". So we make the decision to pay for those things so he doesn't go without.

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    It may affect the child support assessment temporarily but she can have a new assessment to revise her ongoing income or lack of going forward. My ex had $100k wiped from his 'taxable income' for child support purposes because it was a once off. It was either some sort of one off bonus or sale of a property/shares but he didn't have to pay any additional child support based on that figure.


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